A wonderfully successful concert in every way!

        The Fredericton Symphony Orchestra played to a packed audience at Christ Church Cathedral on December 6th. Our guest soloist Chelsea Ahn treated us to a beautiful performance of the Mozart Concerto N0. 24, and the orchestra did not disappoint with its performance of Salieri's Les Danaides Overture and Haydn's Symphony No. 103.
        Success also was demonstrated by very good video and audio recordings of the concert. The challenges presented by the Cathedral were overcome by Andy Shi, Brian Cassidy and Sebastian Gomez, and thanks to them, the following are available to you:

And even more photos from our rehearsal.

An instant in Chelsea's performance, captured by Aldo
Earlier in this blog, I posted photographs by Jacques Nadeau and Peter Lovell. In case you were wondering why all of these photographs, I should tell you that members of Photo Fredericton enjoy working their visual artistry while we work on our aural artistry. If you click on the photograph to the left, you can see shots by Aldo Bongiorno. Aldo has shared many of his fine photos with us over the years.
For those of you who are not photographers, let me tell you that the Cathedral presents many challenges including lighting, and subjects who are packed together quite tightly — most of whom are always moving their hands and arms. I have been very impressed with the excellent results from these three photographers. I thank them for sharing with us.
     Come to the concert and hear these photos come to life!
- David N.

Don't miss FSO's December 6th Concert!

Chelsea in rehearsal (photo by Peter R. Lovell)
One of the joys of being a musician in the Fredericton Symphony Orchestra is being treated to the wonderful musicianship of our special soloist Chelsea Ahn during our rehearsals. You can witness her beautiful phrasing and mature interpretation of the wonderful Mozart Piano Concerto No. 24 at our concert this Sunday at 3:00 at Christ Church Cathedral. Although I think Chelsea's performance is worth the price of admission, we also are performing Les Danaides Overture by Salieri and Haydn's Symphony No. 103.
I hope we'll see you there!
- David N.

The FCO Playhouse concert available on Youtube

If you enjoyed the previous posting re Michelle Buyko's performance with the orchestra on Youtube, you might want to check out the rest of the concert now available. Very high quality HD video thanks to Andy Shi and Amanda Tome.

Available on Youtube: Michelle Buyko - Les Miserables accompanied by the Fredericton Chamber Orchestra

A very nice clip can be found on Youtube from the recent concert by the Fredericton Chamber Orchestra. Click on the image below to view it. It features Michelle Buyko singing a medley from Les Misérables.

Rehearsal photos from Aldo

Aldo Bongiorno has once again shared many beautiful photographs taken during our Thursday and Saturday rehearsals. Click on either photo to go to his website.


Fredericton Chamber Orchestra at the Playhouse March 21

The Fredericton Chamber Orchestra will be performing at the Fredericton Playhouse on March 21, 2015 at 3:00 pm.

The repertoire includes:
1. Overture to “Nabucco” - G. Verdi
2. Ma Mère l’Oye/Mother Goose (Ballet) with Peekaboo Shadow Theatre - M. Ravel
3. Harry Potter Suite - J. Williams arranged by arr. Brubaker
4. Les Misérables featuring Michelle Boyko - C.M. Schonberg arr. Bob Lowden
5. Overture to “William Tell” - G. Rossini

(Click on poster to enlarge.)