Fredericton Symphony Orchestra's 40th Anniversary Concert Now Online!

The orchestra performed to a full house—actually overflowing, and the musicians enjoyed a warm reception to the wonderful variety of music. If you missed the concert, or attended and would enjoy hearing it again, it is now available online on YouTube. Click on the photo to get there. Thanks to the highly-talented YiYang Shi and Brian Cassidy for this excellent video.

Our 40th Birthday Party Concert

Thanks to Heather Perritt for these photos of the event.

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Fredericton Symphony Orchestra Concert Nov. 6

Tickets will be available October 15th and can be obtained from Symphony members, Read's Newsstand & Café or at the door.

YouTube: Fredericton Performance of Beethoven's Ninth

The Wilmot United Church concert of Sunday April 3rd, 2016, with the Fredericton Symphony Orchestra, the Fredericton Choral Society and the UNB Chorale is now available on the Internet.

There are 2 ways you can access the videos.
1) You Tube:

2)  Vimeo:

More fine photos from the FSO dress rehearsal

These photos are by Alex Oldfield of Photo Fredericton. Click on any of the photos for a larger version and check out many other photographs of your rehearsal here. Thank you, Alex.

Friday evening dress rehearsal

Thanks to Rob Cook of Photo Fredericton for capturing the orchestra in action preparing for concerts in Woodstock and Fredericton. In his note to me he says:

Thanks for the invite to shoot the rehearsal but most of all thanks for the opportunity to hear the marvelous music.
Congratulations to the Orchestra and Choirs for a very well done and powerful performance.
All the best,
Rob Cook

Click on any of the photos for a larger version or go to here to see all the photos from this event.

The Fredericton Symphony Orchestra To Perform Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony!

Forty years ago a handful of Fredericton musicians got together to play classical music. They called themselves the Fredericton Chamber Orchestra. Today that little group has grown to sixty-plus members, and has changed its name to the more appropriate “Fredericton Symphony Orchestra”. The group is celebrating its fortieth year with its second performance of Beethoven's ninth and final symphony. There will be two concerts: April 2 in Woodstock and April 3 in Fredericton.

“The Ninth” is Beethoven's most magnificent symphony. It's often called “The Choral Symphony” because Beethoven added a full choir, as well as a quartet of vocal soloists, to its last movement. The choir for the performances will be the combined forces of The Fredericton Choral Society and The UNB Chorale. The soloists will be Woodstock native and Fredericton resident Sally Dibblee, soprano; Paula Rockwell, alto; Colin Frotten, tenor and Paul Bustin, baritone.

The April 2 Woodstock performance will be in the Woodstock Baptist Church at 7pm.
The April 3 Fredericton performance will be in Wilmot United Church at 3pm.

Tickets are available from orchestra and choir members as well as at Read's Newsstand & Cafe, Fredericton; MES Music, Woodstock; Nevers Pharmacy, Hartland; Andrew & Laura McCain Library, Florenceville and at the door.

Ticket prices are: adults $20, students $10, children 12 and under free.

Preparing for Beethoven's 9th requires lots of work.

The viola section decided to get together recently for a sectional rehearsal and potluck. Sula provided the place—Ed M. provided the photo.
(Click on the photo for a larger view.)

With a new name comes a new logo

Congratulations to violist Valerie Sensinger for having her design selected by the members of the FSO. It is eye-catching, and, is based on an actual photograph of our orchestra. Yes, that is Richard Hornsby on the podium in action.